Family-Friendly Olympics Themed Fundraiser for Local Nonprofit 4/21

Games, contests, Bucky, and more to provide birthday party supplies to children in need

By Rebecca Weingart April 14, 2024

Box of Balloons, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that provides birthday party supplies to children who would otherwise not be celebrated. The Family-Friendly Olympics Theme Fundraiser brings together families from all walks of life to celebrate the spirit of the Olympics in a lively and entertaining atmosphere. 

Event Highlights: 

  1. Visit from Bucky! -1:30 pm 
  2. Karate Demonstrations/Lessons All Day from 
  3. Antsy Pants Paints Face Painting 1-3 pm 
  4. Neal The Real Deal Balloon Artist 1-3 pm
  5. Ribbon Dancing 
  6. Hula Hoop Race 
  7. Paper Airplane Contest 
  8. Relay the Torch Race 
  9. Cheerleading Demonstrations/Lessons All Day from 
  10. Double Dutch (Who can jump the longest) 
  11. Olympic Medal Arts & Crafts Make and Take 

Balloons for sale at $10.00 each, containing prizes including but not limited to: 

  1. Mini Basketball Hoop Pizza Slice Cards from Ian's Pizza 
  2. Kids Jewelry from Danette's Paparazzi Boutique Kids Jewelry 
  3. D&D session from Elite Cognition 
  4. Gift Cards for Prairie Kids Club 
  5. 20 Culvers ice cream scoop tokens 

Tickets ($20 kids, parents free) can be purchased online at